Strategic Plan

Our current strategic plan was developed in 2020 and initially approved by our Board of Directors in March 2021. Originally intended to direct our work from 2021-2023, we decided in 2023 — with the support of our Board — to extend the plan through the end of 2024.

Goal 1: Commission Capacity Building

Increase the leadership and capacity of state service commissions so that, by December 2024, 80% of commissions indicate that ASC services have increased their organizational capacity based on a retrospective assessment completed as part of the annual ASC Landscape Survey

Goal 2: Public Policy

Grow the total amount of annual federal funding to support state service commissions from $27 million to $31 million by FFY 2025 and increase the number of state service commissions receiving state funding from 34 to 40 by July 1, 2024

Goal 3: National Service Ecosystem

Strengthen ASC’s role in and leadership of the national service ecosystem, to make national service more accessible and representative of communities served as measured by a research study documenting the impact of these efforts by December 2024

Goal 4: Financial Model

Grow annual ASC income from $1.7 million in 2020 to $2.8 million by 2024 and strengthen ASC financial systems for tracking and utilizing funds

Goal 5: Human and Operational Resources

Secure and develop ASC’s human and operational resources necessary to execute on the strategic plan in a remote work environment