New board members and officers are elected by the membership at ASC's Annual Membership Assembly in September. For more information, contact us.


2018-2019 Board of Directors

*Designates Executive Committee
**Designates Youth Representative

Atlantic Cluster Board Representatives

*Maureen Eccleston, Membership Chair
Executive Director, PennSERVE

Beth McGuinness
Director of Programs, Massachusetts Service Alliance
*Philip Kolling, Secretary
Executive Director, SerVermont

Kate Scheuritzel

Director of Programs, Serve Connecticut
North Central Cluster Board Representatives

Jeanne Duffy

Executive Director, Serve Wisconsin

Ginna Holmes
Executive Director, Michigan Community Service Commission

Adam Lounsbury
Executive Director, Volunteer Iowa
*Scott McFarland, Treasurer
Executive Director, Serve Illinois
Southwest Cluster Board Representatives

John Albright
Commissioner, Missouri Community Service Commission

Beverly Hoster
Chair, Oklahoma Community Service Commission

Judd Jeansonne
Executive Director, Volunteer Louisiana

Antonio Mendez
Executive Director, Serve Colorado
Southern Cluster Board Representatives

Caroline Farmer
Executive Director, Volunteer NC

Julia Keehner
Commissioner, Volunteer West Virginia

Cat Keen
National Service Programs Director, Volunteer Florida

Linda Thompson
Executive Director, Georgia Commission for Service and Volunteerism
Pacific Cluster Board Representatives

Katie Abbott
Executive Director, Serve Alaska

*Amber Martin-Jahn, Vice Chair/Public Policy Chair
Executive Director, Serve Washington

Shelly McAlpin
Executive Director, Serve Wyoming

*LaDawn Stoddard, Chair
Executive Director, Utah Commission on Service & Volunteerism

At-Large Board Representatives

*Lindsay Dolce, Resource Development Chair
Chief Advancement Officer, Reading Corps
Bill Hulterstrom
President/CEO, United Way of Utah County

Richard Swarttz
CFO, Peace Corps

Leslie Silverman
Partner, The Giving Practice, Philanthropy Northwest