National Service Career Pathways

The national service field is comprised of the organizations that provide or receive resources for AmeriCorps programs, host service years, manage conservation corps programs, and/or serve as volunteer connecting organizations. There are many career opportunities, both for AmeriCorps alums and for those who have never served with AmeriCorps, in the national service field.

National Service Organizations

The following are the types of organizations and career roles that are most often available within the national service field. This list is intended to be representative, not exhaustive.

Service Commissions

Service commissions are primarily located in state government with some in nonprofit or local government settings. Like the federal government, state government agencies utilize classification and qualification systems that categorize permanent and temporary staff roles. Some staff roles are hired through a political appointment process. Examples of service commission roles include executive director or CEO, deputy director, program officer, grants or fiscal officer, communications staff, volunteer engagement staff, training or events staff, evaluation staff, and disaster response staff.

AmeriCorps Programs and Partner Organizations

Nonprofit organizations, Native Nations, state and local government agencies, and institutions of higher education manage AmeriCorps programs. AmeriCorps program staff roles may include AmeriCorps program director, manager, or coordinator; fiscal officer; and host site supervisor (located at a partner host site). The management of an AmeriCorps program is often a cross-departmental effort involving staff members beyond the AmeriCorps program staff.

Volunteer Service, Service Year, and Conservation Corps Organizations

These organizations are primarily located at nonprofit organizations and government agencies. The staff positions vary and may include director, manager, or coordinator of the program. The management of these service programs is often a cross-departmental effort involving staff members beyond the program staff.

AmeriCorps Agency

The AmeriCorps agency (also known as the Corporation for National and Community Service) is part of the United States federal government. The federal government uses three categories of jobs including Competitive Service, Excepted Service, and Senior Executive Service. Some staff roles are hired through a political appointment process, some positions are term-limited, and others are permanent. Staff roles at the AmeriCorps agency are located at the headquarters office in Washington, DC, and in Regional Offices throughout the United States. The AmeriCorps headquarters office directs agency operations with a range of departments supported by a variety of staff roles. The Regional Office staff roles include regional administrator, deputy director, senior portfolio manager, and portfolio manager.


ASC has developed resources to showcase the available career opportunities within the national service field and to help facilitate the hiring and retention of service commission and AmeriCorps program staff.

Promotional Toolkit

ASC has created graphics — including quick facts about the national service field and staff testimonials — that commissions, AmeriCorps programs, or other volunteerism focused nonprofits can use to promote career opportunities within the national service field.

Promotional Toolkit

Service Job Board

The ASC Service Job Board is a place for service commissions, AmeriCorps programs, nonprofits, and others in the service and volunteerism field to post open employment opportunities for staff. It is not intended for AmeriCorps member positions. Before posting a position on the job board, we encourage you to review our Service Job Board Guidelines in full. If you have any questions about the job board or need assistance with posting a position, please email us.

Service Job Board