State Service Caucus

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National service and volunteerism programs provide unique opportunities for states to address their most pressing challenges with the hard work of civic-minded Americans. Unfortunately, legislators in each state wanting to create and support these types of programs can feel like they have nowhere to turn for ideas, information, or support. The State Service Caucus (SSC) is being created to end that isolation.



The SSC will be a bi-partisan coalition of state legislators wishing to

  • Raise awareness of national service and volunteerism
  • Expand service opportunities in America
  • Find innovative service and volunteerism solutions to meet community challenges
  • Support volunteers and service members

SSC is administratively supported by the States for Service arm of America’s Service Commissions (ASC). ASC is a nonpartisan, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization representing the network of 52 governor-appointed state service commissions across the United States and territories.

This caucus will

  • Create regular forums for state legislators to meet and collaborate on national service issues and programs
  • Generate new and innovative program ideas to leverage existing public investments in building service opportunities
  • Provide support (research, advice, messaging, etc.) for service-related state legislation
  • Advocate for needed action to federal agencies and elected officials
  • Work to eliminate barriers to service, particularly for those from marginalized communities
  • Support, recognize, and elevate service members

Potential state legislation to support service members and aid in recruitment

  • State tax relief for end-of-service education awards and living allowances
  • In-state tuition/tuition match or waiver for service members who complete a year of service
  • Increase living allowances to a livable wage
  • Support state agencies in securing sustainable match funding

Examples of innovative state programs

  • Urban Safety Corps (MI)
  • Math Corps & Reading Corps (MN, NC)
  • COVID Response Corps (NH & WA)
  • Refugee RISE AmeriCorps (IA)
  • Resilience and Energy Corps (Portland, ME)
  • Veteran Corps (WA)

Learn more about these innovative state programs.

Please contact ASC State Policy Manager Casey Reynolds with any questions.