National Direct Consultation

National Direct Consultation requires multi-state (also known as national direct) applicants applying for competitive AmeriCorps funding to consult with the state or territorial service commission in the locations in which they are applying to place members. National Direct Consultation was established to help increase collaboration and coordination among national service programs, which in turn supports the efficient use of national service funds in each state.

In order to streamline the consultation process between multi-state applicants and service commissions, ASC offers an online form that multi-state applicants can complete to initiate consultation with applicable participating commissions. For the FY24 AmeriCorps State and National Grant Funding Opportunity, all 52 state and territorial service commissions are participating.

FY24 Consultation Form

Download a PDF copy of the form for your reference. (Please do not submit a completed PDF; use only the online form.)

The form and accompanying requested documents are due in advance of Thursday, January 4, 2024, the FY24 AmeriCorps State and National application deadline established by the AmeriCorps agency.

Questions about the consultation process may be directed to Elisa Gleeson.

Informational Webinar

We hosted an informational webinar on October 5, 2023, to review the FY24 process for AmeriCorps National Direct applicants and service commission staff. Download the PowerPoint presentation or view the recording.

Consultation Requirements

Consultation requirements may vary by state. Consultation is not completed unless you meet all the requirements by an individual service commission. Upon completing this form, you may be contacted by the commission for additional information. It is strongly encouraged that multi-state applicants (national directs) contact the applicable service commission(s) as early as possible in order to begin a dialogue related to your proposed placement of AmeriCorps members. This may help inform your application to AmeriCorps based on suggestions the service commission(s) may offer based on need, existing AmeriCorps program placement, and other factors to consider.

For more information regarding consultation requirements, review the FY24 AmeriCorps State and National Grant Notice of Funding Opportunity.