Public Policy

The ASC Public Policy Committee engages the ASC network to educate stakeholders on public policy issues relevant to the ASC membership. Below are key documents the committee has authored to further our work.

Questions? Contact ASC Chief Policy Officer Tom Branen.

FY 2020 Letter to President Trump -- 11.29.18
President Signs 2019 Defense, Labor, HHS, Education Appropriations Act (HR 6157) Funding National Service -- 9.28.18

FY19 Commissioner Sign-On Letter in Support of National Service to Congressional Appropriations Leadership -- 6.25.18


FY18 Commissioner Sign-On Letter in Support of National Service to Congressional Leadership -- 5.24.17
Read the letter here.

ASC Statement on President's FY18 Budget Release - 5.24.17
Read the statement here.

ASC Statement on President's FY18 Budget Blueprint - 3.16.17
Read the statement here.


Expanding Service Years in States (Toolkit).
Download the toolkit here.


FY16 Commissioner Sign-On Letter In Support of National Service to Congressional Appropriations Leadership -- 6.8.15
Read it here.


ASC AmeriCorps Healthcare Survey & Impact Report - 7.29.14
Read the publication here.

ASC Public Comment to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Health & Human Services, Proposed Rule Changes at § 155.420, Special Enrollment Periods Department of Health and Human Services - 4.14-14
Read the public comment letter.

ASC Initial Statement on FY15 President's Budget Request - 3.7.14
Read the statement here.


Letter to CNCS on Strategic Plan Revisions - 8.14.13
Read the letter here.

FY15 Budget Request to the White House - 6.6.13
Read the letter here.

Change in Administrative Cap on State Formula AmeriCorp Grants - 6.11.13
Letter from CNCS to state commissions on updated FY13 policy regarding administrative cap. Read the letter here.

Program Disability and Training Letter from Rep. Latham & Rep. Loebsack - 5.8.13
Rep. Lathan (R-IA) and Rep. Loebsack (D-IA) co-signed a letter written to the Corporation for National and Community Service on May 8, 2013 requesting the Corporation for National and Community Service reconsider an internal policy change of shifting critical training and disability inclusion funds away from state service commissions. The letter questions a shift in the federal/state partnership towards the federal government, the narrowing of program and state level flexibility, and the importance of funding commissions and program development to ensure national service is truly national. Read the letter by clicking here.

Letter to CNCS on PDAT and Administrative Costs - 4.9.13
ASC writes the CNCS Chief of Staff to urge the CNCS to restore PDAT funds to state commissions on a formula basis and to allow the necessary flexibility to effectively administer state grants, as the law allows. Read the letter here.

Letter to Governors - 3.6.13
Governor Branstad of Iowa encourages Governors to utilize national service and volunteering to address critical issues facing states. Read the letter here.


Critical Issues - Letter to CNCS 
ASC outlines critical issues facing state service commissions as Wendy Spencer starts her term as the new CEO of the Corporation for National and Community Service. Read the letter here.


Commission Determination on Administrative Costs Letter to CNCS - 12.21.11
ASC letter to CNCS requesting that, in accordance with the statutue, CNCS provide the authority to commissions to make their own determination in regard to the administrative costs distribution.