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It's Giving Tuesday! #ServiceNerds Unitedecorative

Dear Friends,

Happy Giving Tuesday from America's Service Commissions (ASC)!


We have two days for getting deals – Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But #GivingTuesday is a day for giving back.


Together, we are helping create a new ritual for the holiday calendar -- #GivingTuesday -- a celebration of America’s greatest traditions: generosity, entrepreneurialism, and community.


Everyone has something to give. You can give time or expertise, food and clothing, monetary donations large or small, or simple acts of kindness. Now in its seventh year, #GivingTuesday has become a global giving movement of individuals, families, organizations, businesses and communities in all 50 states and in countries around the world.


This year, we celebrate our members of ASC who are bona fide #ServiceNerds -- those special individuals whose lives have been forever changed by their AmeriCorps, national service, or state service commission experience and have pledged their lives to help others experience the same transformation through service. #ServiceNerds have a unique fondness for impact, data, and community building.


Meet our 2018 #ServiceNerds: Alexis, Antonio, Lindsay and Roger:





Will YOU take the pledge to be a #ServiceNerd?


We ask that you join the ranks as a #ServiceNerd by making a gift to ASC of $25 in honor of this year being the 25th anniversary since AmeriCorps and state service commissions were first created in legislation. The National and Community Service Trust Act (NCSTA) was signed into law in 1993, creating AmeriCorps and commissions, and paving the way for generations of #ServiceNerds to come.

Click here to give $25 for 25 years.


Your gift of $25 will help support state service commissions and their AmeriCorps programs across the country address America's most critical needs at the state and local level -- from combating the opioid crisis, to preserving our public lands and parks, to ensuring that all children can read at grade level and achieve success in school and college, and more.


As the nonprofit association representing the 52 state service commissions, ASC is playing a key role in building the capacity of the state service network and ensuring strong bipartisan support of our work.


But #GivingTuesday is so much more than one day in November. Consider pledging to do more this coming year -- to give to your local state service commission or favorite AmeriCorps program, volunteer a few hours each month, or develop a new initiative to help your local community in some way that's meaningful to you.

In service and gratitude to all the #ServiceNerds out there,


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