Action Alert: Tell the Senate We Need the CORPS Act

Deadline: Friday, July 17

Calling all national service champions!

We need your help.

It's finally time to make our voices heard in support of the Cultivating Opportunity and Response to the Pandemic through Service (CORPS) Act. This is the big week we've been waiting for!

The Senate is gearing up to negotiate the details of the next (and possibly final) COVID pandemic relief bill when they return from recess on Monday -- and we must make sure that the CORPS Act (S.3964) proposed by Senator Coons and Wicker is included.

As you likely know, the CORPS Act would expand AmeriCorps, Senior Corps, and the Volunteer Generation Fund over the next 3 years to aid in pandemic recovery while also reducing barriers and improving benefits for service.

Please take 5 minutes to use our link below to email, tweet, and call your Senators (as well as  key Senate leaders), requesting that they include the CORPS Act in the next COVID relief package. A script and email template has been provided for you via the link below.

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The deadline to take action is this Friday, July 17th. This is time sensitive because Senators may begin writing the bill as soon as Monday.

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We can do this!
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