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2023 National Service Training Keynote Speaker: Jamira Burley

Jamira Burley will speak at all four of our 2023 National Service Training events.

America's Service Commissions is thrilled to announce that our keynote speaker for the 2023 National Service Training events will be award-winning activist Jamira Burley

As a native of West Philadelphia, Jamira saw first-hand the disenfranchisement of marginalized communities. In 2005, sparked by the murder of her brother Andre, Jamira discovered her calling at the age of 15 years old. She organized an anti-violence program in her high school, which reduced the rate of violence by 30%. Gaining public recognition through her efforts, she received a $50,000 grant from the governor to implement the program in the city's ten most persistently dangerous high schools.

She is the first of her 15 siblings to graduate high school and pursue higher education, obtaining a BA in International Business and Legal Studies from Temple University. For the past decade, Jamira has worked with corporations, nonprofits, and government leaders on better engaging impacted communities. Currently, she is Director of Social Impact for Adidas. Jamira leads and executes social Impact programs, manages a partner network of nonprofits and social enterprises, and helps to provide strategic alignment and thought leadership for core culture moments. She works closely with diversity & inclusion, brand, and business functions to integrate sustained social programming co-created with the partner network into brand narratives and stories that authenticate messaging and create meaningful actions. In 2018, she was the first United States citizen awarded the Global Leadership Award for Vital Voices and was selected as an MIT Media Lab Fellow.

Before Adidas, Jamira worked as the Global Head of Youth Engagement and Skills at the Global Business Coalition for Education, National Deputy Millennial Vote Director at Hillary For America, and director of the gun violence and criminal justice portfolios at Amnesty International USA. Jamira's work and passion sit at the intersection of policy, community, and social good; Jamira provides unique insight that will help actualize the change we all so desperately need. Lastly, Jamira consults with several public/private entities on how to authentically engage impacted communities and guest hosts on SiriusXM, where she and leading youth/young adult experts reexamine this country's history and the reemerging of past conflicts (current events) to generate a fresh perspective and create REAL change through solution-driven dialogue.

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