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Announcing New ASC Board of Directors and Officers for 2021-2022

WASHINGTON, Oct. 1, 2021 – Today, America's Service Commissions (ASC), the national association representing the 52 state service commissions across the United States and their programs, announced its new board members and officers for the coming 2021-2022 year.

America's Service Commissions congratulates the following leaders whose terms start October 1 to help guide and shape ASC as the nonprofit association of the 52 state service commissions in the year to come.

Elected Board Officers, 2021-2022

  • Maureen Eccleston, Chair – Executive Director, PennSERVE (re-appointed)
  • Judd Jeansonne, Vice Chair/Public Policy Chair – Executive Director, Volunteer Louisiana (new officer)
  • Lisa Spinali, Resource Development Chair – Commissioner, California Volunteers (new officer)
  • Beth McGuinness, Membership Chair – Director of Programs, Massachusetts Service Alliance (re-appointed)
  • Jeanne Duffy, Treasurer – Executive Director, Serve Wisconsin (new officer)
  • Shelly McAlpin, Secretary – Executive Director, Serve Wyoming (re-appointed)

2021-2022 Board Members (in addition to Officers above)

  • Katie Abbott – Executive Director, Serve Alaska (re-appointed)
  • John Albright – Chair, Missouri Community Service Commission (re-appointed)
  • Thenera Bailey – at-large – SISGI Group and and SISGI Beyond Good Ideas Foundation (continuing)
  • Kristen Bennett – at-large – Service Year Alliance (continuing)
  • Owen Brown – Youth Commissioner, Volunteer Mississippi (continuing)
  • Vanessa Diamond – Commissioner, Virginia Office of Service and Community Services (continuing)
  • Steve Epstein – Chair, Volunteer New Hampshire Commission (continuing)
  • Caroline Farmer – Executive Director, Volunteer NC (re-appointed)
  • William Hall – Executive Director, ServeOhio (continuing)
  • Ginna Holmes - Executive Director, Michigan Community Service Commission (re-appointed)
  • Beverly Hoster – Chair, Oklahoma Community Service Commission (continuing)
  • Julia Keehner – Chair, Volunteer West Virginia Commission (re-appointed)
  • Cat Keen – National Service Programs Director, Volunteer Florida (re-appointed)
  • Charlette Kremer – Commissioner, Serve Idaho (continuing)
  • Marc McAleavey – Executive Director, Serve Indiana (newly appointed)
  • Jessica Noble – Executive Director, Kansas Volunteer Commission (continuing)
  • Kate Scheuritzel – Director of Programs, Serve Connecticut (re-appointed)
  • Richard Swarttz – at-large – CFO of United Way Lee, Hendry, Glades and Okeechobee Counties (re-appointed)
  • Marty Weinstein – at-large – CEO, Bay Area Community Resources and Co-Chair, California AmeriCorps Alliance (continuing)

We would also like to thank the following outgoing Board members for their many years of service and support.

With Thanks for Their Service

  • Scott McFarland, Past Public Policy Chair and Vice Chair – Executive Director, Missouri Community Service Commission (Board member since 2015)

The slate was approved by the association's 52 commission members during its annual Membership Assembly held virtually on September 13, 2021.

"We continue to benefit from the time, talent, and tremendous expertise of these state service leaders who serve on the ASC Board," said Kaira Esgate, Chief Executive Officer for America's Service Commissions. "As a membership association, the input of our board members in our mission and strategic plan is absolutely critical, especially as the field of national and community service continues to respond to and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic nationwide. I have no doubt this group of leaders will guide us through both the challenges and opportunities we face to advance service as a strategy this coming year."


About America’s Service Commissions (ASC)

America’s Service Commissions is a nonprofit, nonpartisan association representing and promoting the 52 state service commissions across the United States and territories with the mission to lead and elevate the state service network. State service commissions are governor-appointed public agencies or nonprofit organizations made up of more than 1,000 commissioners, private citizens leading the nation’s service movement and administering more than 75 percent of the federal AmeriCorps funds to address pressing community needs.

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