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URGENT: Ask Congress to Fully Fund the Civilian Climate Corps (CCC) in Budget Reconciliation

Take Action by September 10th!

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Please join the States for Service Coalition, Service Year Alliance, the Corps Network, and AmeriCorps Alums to ask Congress to support and fully fund the new Civilian Climate Corps (CCC) during the Budget Reconciliation process that is happening right now.

We urgently need your help this week and next to ask Congress to follow through on its proposed $30 billion in funding for the Civilian Climate Corps in the upcoming budget reconciliation package, which is currently at risk.

Take action by September 10th.

Background: In spring 2021, President Biden proposed the creation of a new, modern-era Civilian Climate Corps (CCC) as part of his American Jobs Plan to make communities more resilient to disasters and to “mobilize the next generation of conservation and resilience workers and maximize the creation of accessible training opportunities and good jobs.”

This new CCC can and should be built upon the existing network of AmeriCorps and local non-profit programs already accomplishing important work like wildfire remediation, resiliency, disaster response, and workforce development and develop new programs to support more impacted communities. It can also improve upon AmeriCorps programs to ensure equitable opportunities and benefits that allow everyone to serve.

Half of all voters under the age of 45 say they would consider joining the Civilian Climate Corps if a position was available to them. We must harness this American enthusiasm through this new, bold CCC legislation.

Why $30 billion? This proposed funding level will ensure the CCC is equipped to meet the goals previously laid out by more than 80 U.S. House and Senate Members to:

  • provide employment opportunities;
  • invest in natural climate solutions, clean energy, and resilience;
  • address environmental justice through locally-led, science-based projects;
  • ensure a livable wage, increased education awards, support services and healthcare, career pathway development, and workforce development outcomes;
  • extend benefits on an equal basis to all members participating in national service programs; and
  • include project investments from multiple federal agencies to meet the diverse needs of underserved and historically impacted communities across the country.

It takes only 2 minutes to participate and will make a world of difference to ensuring a strong start for the new Civilian Climate Corps in 2021 and beyond!

Take action now.

Thank you for helping make the CCC a reality!

In service,

Tyler Wilson, Senior Policy Advisor

-States for Service Coalition, Service Year Alliance, The Corps Network & AmeriCorps Alums

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